So I Have One of THOSE Kids…

I think having an only child sometimes hurts, in that they get a reputation of being spoiled, and typically act older than most kids their age.  I’ll be the first to say that Ian is certainly not spoiled (a product of us being young and dirt poor when we had him), and he reminds us of that fact every day when he says “you never let me get this”, or “but I’ve never had one of those”.  We’ve been pretty good about not showering him with rewards, but also giving him the opportunity to try different things, things that we weren’t able to try growing up because we did have siblings, and we had to share!

The downside to all of this is that we’ve always treated Ian like a little adult, he’s heard some colorful words, and conversations, and can relate to adults sometimes better than kids his own age.  For this fact I constantly get told by his kindergarten teacher that he’s a riot to be around because he “gets it”, when they say adult things, he understands, when they joke he knows what its about, and he’s hilarious (I think he gets that from Mike).  Unfortunately we get little peaks of the 5 year old, like on Tuesday when Ian came home and told us he had a great day, but that he got to spend recess in Mrs. P’s office.  I immediately emailed his teacher to find out what happened, only to have my worst nightmare realized.  Ian pulled his pants down on the playground.  The boys were playing and two ended up thinking it would be cool to show their butts to the rest of the kids playing on the playground.  Both boys had to write an apology letter, and spend two days inside missing recess.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the situation.  His teacher wasn’t horribly phased by it, she said all kindergartner’s pull their pants down at some point, so they had to have a punishment, however, we did have a good talk at home that night about what was appropriate to do in public and what wasn’t, just like how it’s only okay to swear at home!

Lesson learned, silly kid, but he knows now to keep his pants up!

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I feel like one of those fire throwing jugglers, just too many things going on in my head, too many balls in the air, and I’m at the point that I just want to let them all fall and walk away.  I do this to myself every year, I set goals for the upcoming season, and then work really hard at piling on as much as humanly possible just to see if I’ll fail miserably.

I did this just after the first of the year.  I got a wild hair that I wanted to “finally” do my yoga teacher certification, and was going to start February 17th and be done with it in April.  However, my loving husband pointed out that I would be in training for Ironman and while he felt I could do it, it might not be the best idea.  I agreed and postponed it out int October (plenty of free time at that point, and I’ll probably need a lot of yoga at that time).

Now I’m actually getting into the training cycle (it starts March 29th), and I’ve got another wild hair that I really want my personal training Website/blog up and running.  Why?  I have no idea, perhaps it’s that feeling of postponing the dream for another six months is sad, but will I have the time in the next six months to train more people than I already am right now…NO.

I’ve really got to reign in all these thoughts.  I think that training really induces this sense of creativity and “I want to get this done” type of thoughts since I know after March 29th the only thing I will be getting done is work, training, family time, and sleep (well hopefully).  Am I the only one who goes through this?

What Do They Say…

I’ve modified a saying that reflects our family mentality, “the family that races together, stays together”.  Together we are, united in our pursuit to try new things, race awesome events, and raise a kid that enjoys doing events, and races as much as we do (can you say future cyclocross racer).

It really wouldn’t be “us” if we didn’t have our family pictures reflect those interests.  So I thought I’d share a couple of our family pictures!

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And Just Like that…

Over a year has passed since my last post, which seems down right crazy, and yet so completely understandable.  A lot has happened in that year since my last post, much of which will merely get glossed over in this post just to save time and get caught up.  I’ve made a pact with myself that I’ll be back to blogging in 2015, because I have a ton of things coming down the pipe, but it’s sad to think about the past year and all the things that DID happen.  2014 was an epic year for me, only to hopefully be topped this year by just a hair!

So without dragging this inaugural re-start post out I’ll give you what occurred since the last time I posted in a brief bullet pointed post.

  • I chased my dream for 2014 and then reality hit me in the face like when you’re riding your bike on a city street and someone in a parked car opens their door right as you’re going by.  I’m still not entirely giving up on the dream, just have to put it on the back burner for a while.
  • There were triathlons, bike races, fat bike races, and we’re not even talking just about me!  Ian did his first triathlon in June of 2014, I did a 1/2 Ironman in Racine, and Mike did a 75-mile winter fat bike race in Wisconsin (perhaps we spent too much time in Wisconsin in 2014).
  • Oh did I mention there was a full marathon as well?  Because there was, purely to prove that I could run 26.2 miles…now I’m putting that experience into play because in 2015 I’m going to do a FULL Ironman (which conveniently is back in Wisconsin)!

I’m sure there’s a ton that I’ve missed, but those were the highlights.  When you work a full time job, and train like it’s a part time job there isn’t much left for time!  I’ll keep you posted as this year unfolds.  Stay right here for the personal side to the Walter family.  Head on over to WorkplayTRImom for race reports and all things fitness related!

Changes Have Arrived

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to announce thaw launch of worlplayTRImom. In an effort to streamline my fitness business, goals, and aspirations I’ve decided it would be a better fit to transition to a fitness based blog, twitter handle, and Facebook page.


so without further adieu I welcome you to come check out workplayTRImom at the following places:

twitter: @workplayTRImom

facebook: Workplaytrimomminnesota


Have a great day!!


Changes Are Coming

That’s right folks you’ve heard it here first.  I’m chasing my dreams and with that comes the difficult decision as to whether I continue the blog in its current form, abandon this one in favor of a fitness focused platform, or change this one completely but keep it here for your viewing pleasure.

my first instinct is to keep this all things life, whether that be kids, dogs, fitness or finances, while starting a new blog that maintains my branding and is completely fitness focused.  however, the realist in me knows that maintaining two blogs is a lot for this already busy lady.

its time for the blogosphere and my followers to help me out, should I convert, start fresh, or go with multiple blogs, and which one would you rather read, fitness or life shenanigans?

The Dream Is Knocking, and I Want to Slam The Damn Door

I may not have mentioned this, but I decided to go hard with chasing the personal training dream and as luck would have it, I had some success in the way of a couple interviews.  I’ll be honest though one kind of left me with those strange feelings, and not good ones either, so I wasn’t super bummed when they didn’t call back.  The other was what I’d consider one of my top choices, but not the crowned jewel, and it was part-time.  The beauty of the part-time was that it didn’t conflict with the day job, but allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow and gain experience.

Enter the whiny “but its not good enough” part, and the “is it worth the time away from my family”.  The first issue, I can get past because its a start, and everyone has to start somewhere, and its a good and reputable place to work.  It’ll give me the experience to get to that “crowned jewel” I speak of, and potentially full time personal training.

The second part is where the title of the post comes in, because quite frankly I already feel like I have too many obligations and most of them do not involve my family.  I feel like I’ve just chucked my family life out the window like a crappy McDonald’s wrapper, for the sake of pursuing my dreams, and I question whether its worth it.  In a decade will I regret the time I wasted working 50 hours a week or will I be where I want, working the hours I want and feel like it was all worth it?

Questions to continue to ponder, insight is welcomed.

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